Increases to court fees

What has failing Grayling done to our courts and legal system? He must be the most underwhelming Lord Chief Justice ever appointed.

Not only has he promoted his ridiculous and embarrassing SARAH Bill but our courts have received such drastic funding cuts you can no longer attend in person at a court anywhere in the country to actually speak to anyone! The courts have become almost "virtual" and it's impossible to get a court date without waiting months for simple hearings. Read more...

The Impact of the Fixed Costs Regime

It has recently been reported that the number of Professional Negligence claims against law firms in the High Court has almost tripled in a year.

Many of these claims involve property and conveyancing disputes as claimants rush to try to get redress, within the stated time limit, for the property losses following the 2008 financial crisis. Read more...

Professional negligence claims against personal injury solicitors

Professional negligence claims against personal injury solicitors are on the rise.

Perhaps, this is not surprising with unrealistic levels of fixed-costs introduced for cases worth less than £25,000 so law firms that predominantly deal with these claims are finding themselves having to provide the same level of service whilst coping with significantly reduced fees. Read more...