Increases to court fees

What has failing Grayling done to our courts and legal system? He must be the most underwhelming Lord Chief Justice ever appointed.

Not only has he promoted his ridiculous and embarrassing SARAH Bill but our courts have received such drastic funding cuts you can no longer attend in person at a court anywhere in the country to actually speak to anyone! The courts have become almost "virtual" and it's impossible to get a court date without waiting months for simple hearings.

Delays in cases following issue of proceedings are not the instigation of lawyers, it is the difficulty in actually getting a case into court!

To compound matters Grayling now sees fit to make even further changes. Having made so many cuts the court system doesn't work anymore, he now wants to pass on the consequences of the cuts to the general public by charging fortunes in court administration and issue fees.

His "Enhancing Court Fee consultation" should be renamed "I made so many cuts the courts don't work anymore so need to tap the public to prop up the courts consultation." Or perhaps "I want to make it too expensive for the man in the street to access the courts so that judges don't have the opportunity to judicially review our often ill-informed and ill-considered policies"

If Grayling gets his way and court fees increase to the levels being proposed, what is likely to happen is that issue of proceedings will be left to the last possible moment so there will be a greater risk of critical time limits being missed and clients then suing their lawyers and the court system will get clogged up with ageing cases and the evidential problems that occur when several years have elapsed since the claim arose.