Has my personal injury solicitor missed a critical deadline meaning that I am no longer entitled to pursue my claim for my personal injury compensation?

Injured in an accident: Your solicitor only has 3 years from the date of your accident to issue court proceedings against the responsible party.

Pursuing an industrial disease claim against an employer: Typically the 3 years starts on the date of diagnosis.

Other time limits which may differ: Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims, claims arising from accidents on board aircraft and ships, claims being pursued in other countries and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claims can have time limits as short as 2 years.

After court proceedings have been started: The proceedings must be served by your solicitor within 4 months of the date of issue.

A Court Order has not been complied with: It is becoming increasingly common for the courts to strike out a personal injury claim in these circumstances.

If you think that your solicitor has missed a time limit in your personal injury claim and would like a second opinion, you need to seek our advice as the solicitors in our team understand what time limits apply in personal injury law and what evidence is needed to prove that the time limit has been missed and that as a consequence you have suffered a financial loss.